Version 16: The Dark Web


You made this happen …
Version Festival 16: The Lumpen Dark Web
August 26, – Sept 2, 2016

What does it all mean in the age of instant everything and extreme ADD? We don’t know. We spend most of our time producing media to wage infowar in the history of the future.

We have spent 10 years of running a cultural space, 15 years of producing arts festivals, 25 years of publishing magazines, and last year we decided to launch a new FM radio station for Chicago. This group effort includes thousands of participants, hundreds of exhibitions, endless hours of media, activity and action.

Through this journey we have been allowed to participate in various communities and bring people together virtually and in real life to share stories, tactics and strategies to create another world.

We invite you to join us in formulating new ones.

This Year Version Festival asks you to join our network, and become a member of the Lumpen Dark Web.

The Lumpen Dark Web is a parallel universe of radical content and ideas that we helped facilitate and produce over the past 25 years. It exists in various platforms of projects created by a peer to peer network of artists, activists, cultural workers, media makers, journalists and musicians that have contributed to the whole Lumpen, Version Festival, Proximity, Co-Prosperity Sphere, et al,  experiment.

An archive of Lumpen and Version Festival related projects is being built to share a series of alternative and secret histories of what happened and what could be. We want you to be part of our future. We want you to help us to decide what to do next. Come and visit.

Version Fest 16: the Dark Web begins August 26 and ends September 2, 2016. This is the last Version Festival we will do. Lets build something new together.

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