So you wanna be in the magazine pages

Our new fearless Managing Editor, James Ewert, gives these guidelines:

What follows are brief descriptions of the sections we will have in the magazine. These are general names and terms, if you have suggestions on how you want to style, specify or differentiate between the sections, your ideas are much welcomed and appreciated.
•    Sections
◦    Interviews – Title Suggestions: Cholo Interviews, ?
▪    Pitch interviews with cholos of all shapes and sizes. Cultural figures, activists, artists, musicians, authors, actors (people who are doing shit and somewhat well-known. Meant to attract readers). Short introductions/Q&A format – 1000-2000 words. Must have good photos.
◦    Features – Sounds good enough, right?
▪    Longer form articles and essays. Reprints. Book excerpts. Investigations. Pitch anything related to counter-culture trends/politics/art/local news and happenings. 1000-5000 words.
◦    Media Reviews – Title Suggestions: Good Stuff and Cool Shit, ?
▪    Review anything. Pitch reviews on books, music, magazines, articles, movies, tv, concerts, art shows, projects, lectures, any kind of event or happening, any kind of media. Works better when you review a band with an upcoming show in Chicago or an author soon to be speaking at an event. Anywhere from 50 words to 1000 words.

Comics. Pretty straight forward. Political cartoons, comic strips, everything comical and visual will do.
◦    Photos/Art – Title Suggestions: Look Who’s Being A Badass Now, Being a Badass Now, Visual Imagery
▪    This section will feature the work of photographers, graphic designers and fine artists. Strictly the work, brief bios of people and information on the work. Dedicated to printing and disseminating information on projects or photo essays or new series’ from fine artists. Sketches, drawings, doodles, Microsoft “Paint” documents, whatever. Who’s making great work that others need to see or who’s making great art and doesn’t even know it.
◦    Commentary& Rants – Title Suggestions: Nonsensical Post-Modernism, ?
▪    Self-explanatory. This will be for any nonsense we receive that is good enough to print.
•    Send along anything but poetry. Lumpen policy prohibits self-aggrandizing and pithy poetry, though there may be room for exceptions in the form of comprehensible prose.
▪    Bitch about anything, send journal entries (I’d really like to see photocopies of your journals), observations, conspiracy theories, scraps of paper you find, phone numbers from last night, strange documents or pamphlets you come across, etc… Anywhere from 100 – 2000 words.
◦    Entrepreneurial/Space/Business Profiles – Title Suggestions: Stuff You Should’ve Done, Crap You Should’ve Made, Get Rich or Get Rich Trying, Innovation in the Great Recession, ?
▪    Short profiles on upstart local or national businesses or entrepreneurial projects that deserve attention. Preference will be given to those that are local and timely with a focus on business projects, new spaces or complex social or artistic projects. Ideally they should be timely and be somewhat coinciding with grand openings or the beginning of projects, but the format and time is flexible as we get going. Also room for trend stories on a type of business or model. Q&A format alright but not required 500-1500 words. Must have good photos or graphics.
◦    Cholo Maps – Title Suggestions: Cholo Maps, Where We’ve Been, It’s Not About Where You Been But Where You Going, Wherever You Go There You Are, Funny Seeing You Here, Where You At Dog (probably not this one), longitude & latitude,  ?
▪    Short 5 to 10 question questionnaire which will be sent out to local and national badasses asking about the places where they’ve been hanging out, eating, sleeping, frequenting, finding inspiration, seeing things, etc. Points will then be plotted on a map. [Suggestions on questions welcome. They should be place oriented questions, but send whatever you got]
◦    Cut-It-Out – Title Suggestions: Cut This Shit Out & Use It, (insert scissors symbol)
▪    This section will feature things to cut out and use when not flipping through the pages of Lumpen. Graphics to wheatpaste, cool shit to put on your wall, stencils, form letters to politicians, companies or random assholes etc…pitch any ideas (ideally 2D unless you are a badass).
◦    Contributors Bio Page – Title Suggestions: The Cholos Behind the Curtain, Cholo Hall of Fame, That’s My Cholo?
▪    We will also be adding a contributor’s bio page to give credit where credit is due. If you contribute, we’ll eventually need a couple-hundred-word bio to accompany your name. (Not sure if we’ll print photos next to the names yet.)

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