Greet the Bankers in Chicago October 24-27

showdownimageThis will be a very important event for Chicago and the US. Show your frustration and anger at how the banks have screwed over America. Find out what is to be done! Go to the Showdown! From the  site:

The same financial institutions that caused the economic crisis and took billions in taxpayer bailouts are back to earning incredible profits. Meanwhile, Americans face shrinking pensions, rising foreclosures and unemployment, state budget cuts, predatory lending, outrageous overdraft fees, and sky-high credit card interest rates.

The American people want oversight, accountability and common-sense financial reform NOW. This is the classic David vs. Goliath fight, with Wall Street spending millions and millions on lobbying to defeat reforms that would protect the American people and our economy.

JOIN US on October 25-27 for a series of demonstrations when thousands of Americans – retirees, farmers, workers, homeowners, renters, students, clergy, and small business owners – come together on the streets of Chicago to demand a banking system that puts the American people first and a Congress that makes it happen! Take a look at the Showdown schedule of events, stay informed about event details and join our mailing list, and fill out the Showdown inquiry form to tell us when and where you want to plug into the fight!

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Showdown in Chicago
Stop Bank Greed
American Bankers Association

Check out Dean Baker’s Won’t you Please Come to Chicago
and email the link to your mom.

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