Selling art in the “Great Recession”

recession-global financial crisis

This article from the Aug. 23 Chicago Tribune notes the changing environment in Chicago’s established and commercial art galleries. It’s your typical economic trend story and  really won’t tell anyone who is involved with art in Chicago anything they don’t already know, but here is a nice snippet which offers some hope to some of the younger, emerging artists in Chicago:

“”People have rethought some of their programs and have presented work that’s more affordable, and that does tend to be younger emerging artists,” said Linda Blumberg, executive director of the New York-based Art Dealers Association of America.

The up-and-comers’ gain may be the more established artists’ loss. “I think the ones who are really suffering are the veterans,” Schneider said, “because they’ve gone from selling five or six pieces a month to one every other month.”

Edelman said she has dropped several name artists from her roster because their numbers fell off the cliff. “In the last year there are about four or five artists who I haven’t done anything for,” she said. “It’s not their fault. I just haven’t been able to sell the work.””

It’s worth a read if you need a break from work or are bored in between smoking joints.

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