Save the Whale

Dear Friends,

Many of you heard about the horrible fire that happened in Pilsen last week – it was at the Whale, home of our friends Kenneth Morrison, Nat Ward, and Michelle Faust, plus their pet chickens, Osso the Cat, and Macky the Dog.

You guys might know these people as the folks behind the Ever So-Secret Order of the Lamprey or Punk Band or the Hideout Panto or a million other things: they’re family.

All people and pets are safe, but – as you can see in the  photo above – their home is devastated. If you can help us restore it then that would be really awesome.

There are two ways to help: the first is donating money. You can do that by going to the Paypal account here ( and typing in We know money’s tight right now. Everything helps! Think about it like buying them a drink or a bone, then donate more if you can.

The second is by donating things or services – to find out what the Whale needs and when people are gutting, drywalling, and salvaging, join the Facebook group here ( or email Mairead Case at

You can also forward this email to people you think might want to help!

Thank you very, very much.

— Jerry Boyle, Mairead Case, Ed & Rachael Marszewski, and the Whale

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