Protest White Supremacy in Mt Greenwood



Lumpen received this press release to organize people to stand up to racism in Mt Greenwood:
Nov 20 Protest white supremacy! We will stand up against racist mob threats in Mt Greenwood.


WHAT: Protest

WHEN: Sunday Nov 20

TIME:  2 pm

WHERE: 111th & Kedzie, Chicago (Mt Greenwood neighborhood)


Current Signatories are:

Rev. Jason Coulter, Ravenswood United Church of Christ (for identification purposes only)

Airickca Gordon Taylor, Cousin of Emmett Till

Tio Hardiman, Violence Interruptors Inc.

Rev. Taigen Dan Leighton, Ancient Dragon Zen Gate, Chicago

Rev. Gregory Seal Livingston

Rev. Matthew Ross, Eureka M.B. Church (for identification purposes only)

Ted Sirota, Drummer

Edward Ward

Dee Williams, Revolution Club, Chicago

Fr. Bob Bossie, SCJ


In the days leading up to the election of Trump, a racist vitriolic mob in the Mt. Greenwood neighborhood of Chicago threatened a Black family whose loved one, Joshua Beal, had just been killed by off-duty police during a funeral procession. This grieving family had “N*ggers Go Home” and “Keep Out of Our Town” screamed at them as they waited at a Burger King for their cars to be released by the police. Then the manager closed the BK early, forcing them outside. In the days after, protesters who went to the scene were met by white mobs of hundreds who described by DNAInfo as “demonstrators supporting police.”


Catholic priest Fr. Michael Pfleger participated in the protest on election night. This is his account on social media: “I have just returned from the protest in Mt. Greenwood…I have not seen so many angry White People filled with such Hate since a child in 1966 in Marquette Park…I was called every name and cursed with every word, by adults and children walking with their parents…an area that is not only white, but heavily Catholic, and will be at church on Sunday…I am embarrassed as a Priest and a Catholic to witness what I witnessed tonight…Earlier today a man said he wanted to break my legs and drag me from a truck….”


Mt. Greenwood is an 88% white [2012 census] enclave of police, firefighters, city employees and their families. There were reportedly off-duty cops and many of their family members in these racist crowds who were chanting “CPD, CPD, CPD” and “Blue Lives Matter.”


Some believe it is not a coincidence that this occurred with the rise of Trump and an ugly racist xenophobic, misogynist, homophobic program being encouraged during this election. Many in the crowd were chanting “Trump, Trump, Trump.”


Joshua Beal’s family and the small group of brave protesters who stood up in the face of this racist mob must be joined by thousands of people of conscience of ALL nationalities, ages, and walks of life. White people cannot stand on the sidelines while racist crowds threaten Black people. If you think Black Lives Matter, then what you DO in the face of this matters. Is there risk involved in standing up to this howling mob? Yes, but it is far more dangerous to do nothing, allowing racist mobs to violently threaten Black people and restore white supremacy.


For further reference on Mt Greenwood

Chicago Tribune

Huffington Post

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