Pot Shop Pop Up at Tusk


Pipes by Leah Ball photographed by Matthew Avignone (event Facebook)

By Tim McMillan

Why? Why is there a Pot Shop in a Gallery?

As a rule weed art is lame, so I might have been a little skeptical going into this “show.” Like seriously bro, get a real cause to stand behind. You privileged fucks. But hey, maybe they would do something creative or maybe it would be like the headshop version of Claus Oldenburg’s store. That’d be cool, I guess.

Well, turns out my cynicism was well placed. The event description should have been a red flag. “Pieces, pipes, incense burners, lighter holders, ashtrays, posters, bags to keep all your special things” It reads like an Etsy account because it basically was an Etsy account… in a gallery. There were pretty bong banners with florescent colors and super-duper retro patterning. Someone stuck lighters in rocks. The incense holders were boring. I’m sorry if you put your crafty bullshit in a gallery to be judged as art, I’m going to be harsh. I am all for well-crafted elegant minimalist art objects, but putting some holes in a Z shaped ceramic log, painting it white, and calling it an incense burner doesn’t cut it. There were three copies of the same poster hung up. You would think with 30+ artists there would have been more art. But perhaps someone bought all the cool stuff before I got there. The tiny bag display wasn’t all terrible. You know the “bags to keep all your special things.” Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. I kind of liked the weird tree thing they hung the tiny bags on. It was made out of this cool porous cloth material. I remember actually thinking, “Hmmm. How’d they make that?” The bags themselves looked like my zany Aunt Nancy handmade Christmas gifts this year to justify her hording problem… because you never know when that extensive bead collection will come in handy. Also there were only two, which leads me to believe that cool stuff really must have been sold and gone by the time I got there at 8:15pm. I also couldn’t find the ash trays. I was really hoping to see some cool ceramic ash trays. But again maybe someone bought them all or maybe I didn’t look hard enough. Last but not least, there was a zine. A zine titled The Original Troll, which is an internet joke, I think. I skimmed through it. It was cute. Then I left.

I know what you’re thinking. “You never gave it a chance Tim.” I did. I showed up to a show titled Pot Shop Pop Up. That was there chance and they blew it. I felt like Jesus fucking Christ in the temple with the money changers. But I left their Tecate stand unturned and Ubered directly to Innertown to get a shot of Malort to get the foul taste of Tusk out of my mouth.

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