Pilsen/Bridgeport Metal Shredder Abides

The Gazette reports

“The Circuit Court of Cook County has thrown out a lawsuit brought by community group Pilsen Alliance that aimed to block plans for Pure Metal Recycling, a $30 million facility that would recycle all forms of scrap metal”

This lawsuit was thrown out because no one in Pilsen Alliance lived within 250 feet of the plant, as per the Zoning Board’s requirements.  It seems that the impact of this plant would go further than 250 feet though. 


“Alderman Danny Solis’s (25th Ward) office did not respond to requests for comment, but Solis previously has expressed support for the planned facility. Solis had explained his position by citing a collection of more than 700 resident signatures in favor, although…more than 80% of voters opposed the plan in a nonbinding referendum last November.”

It bares repeating that non-binding referendums are a frustrating aspect of Chicago politics. 

This should be a NIMBY issue for anyone living or biking from Brigeport , the proposed facility is at Cermak & Loomis, which is nearby enough that constant exposure to particulate metal could be a problem.

This intersection, already relatively dangerous and extremely dirty–where it’s easy to get a flat tire or laceration from loose metal and glass in the air– provides the most convenient arterial connecting to the Humboldt, Wicker Park, West Loop, Logan, etc. 

It’ll be interesting to see how this moves forward. 

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