Paging David Hoffman

Blogitorial Disclosure: This blogger was recently part of a panel discussion at the Garfield Park Conservatory with Chicago Inspector General David Hoffman as part of a Mikva Challenge event. This blogger had the chance to meet Mr. Hoffman and from the moment  this blogger met him, not only did this blogger see high office in his future, but this blogger was also greatly impressed with Hoffman’s candor, intellect and congenial, yet professional personality.

Chicago Inspector General, David Hoffman

Chicago Inspector General, David Hoffman

It was announced today that Chicago Inspector General, David Hoffman is resigning his post and beginning a bid for the U.S. Senate in the seat vacated by Barack Obama and kept dibs on by Roland “Tombstone” Burris. This is a huge surprise politically, but many who know Hoffman know he has a long future ahead of him. Here is a great post from the Reader’s Mick Dumke on the situation. Here is the Tribune’s article.

I try not to use this electronic soapbox to pontificate my views, but in this case I’ll make an exception. Although there is still much to know and be known about Hoffman and his views, I have the gut feeling that this guy is for real. The 2010 election will be of huge importance, but what is even more pressing is the 2010 Democratic primary, which Hoffman will run up against several formidable foes. Check out his stats and make your own decision, but make it quick and do something about it, will ya?

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