Our First 100 Days.

Here we are at the dawn of a Trump era. President Orangeface, President Troll, is the elected leader of the United States of America and we still cannot believe it. Months after his electoral overthrow we still find ourselves stressed, depressed and completely on edge about what this means for our collective futures.

The election, or post modern coup by disinformation, persuasion and collective American stupidity, looks like it was constructed straight out of a CIA or KGB handbook. But we are not totally surprised that this happened. Decades of anti democractic and anti government propaganda and generations of Neo Con and Neo Liberal policies have decimated the old class structures, funneled massive financial gains to the 1%, reinforced racist sentiments and re-invigorated a rightwing movement seeking strongmen like Trump to save them from grievances real and imagined. The underlying political environment that supports ignorance, xenophobia and hate was always present. The Trumps of the world tapped into it, harnessed it and pulled off a putsch on the old consensus polity.

As they try to turn our country into Trumpistan we find the billionaire neofacist cabinet and the development of a New Kleptocracy the most important crisis of our lives.The brutality of Trump’s words, the mountain of ignorance and incoherence that ushers from his pouty mouth will a be a constant shriek that will haunt and frighten us every day. Or bemuse us, we are not sure yet. Regardless how the tragicomedy of his presidency evolves we know the policies that will be enacted from his coterie of Republican Party collaborators and sycophantic  business partners are designed to benefit them at the expense of everyone else.

We expect his first 100 Days of this administration to be a hubris filled mess that will confound and debilitate humanity as Trump and the Republican party use every dirty trick, misdirection play, and propaganda technique to confuse, eliminate and crush all resistance to their plans.

We can’t let them do this. We must resist. We must organize. We must create a better world than the one that is being drowned by the reality horror show of a Trump guided America. We can’t wait for Trump to tie a rope around his own neck, or wait for the Deep State to overthrow him. Nor can we wait for the Democratic party to enact impeachment proceedings. Every day Trump Rules is one day closer to oblivion. We need to replace this paradigm with a new movement of ideas and policies promoting social, political and economic equity. We need to figure out how to participate and reclaim the institutions and public offices that guide this old broken USS United Sates.

We did a public call to respond to the Billionaire Gang’s future plans  for the Trumpocalypse. Our contributors give multiple perspectives on what we can expect from The Trump Cabal and how we can stop the agendas that are being shoved down our collective gullet.

We thought the Bush Dark Ages were bad. Very bad. We regard this issue to be in the tradition of those many Lumpen guides of the Bush Era that examined and promoted creative resistance, civil disobedience and practical organizing. Consider this issue our first salvo for an updated and lean introduction to the struggles, tactics and strategies that will forge a more positive way ahead. We hope these slivers of hope, these prescriptions for defensive measures and inspired kernels of wisdom will activate you and your friends and family to join the Front Against Trump.

We will not give up. We know you won’t either.

– x, o …. Edmar

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