We knew it was probable but its incredibly lame that our President has to continue the debacle and charade thrust upon him by his corporate masters. Talks about withdrawl in three years and an “Afgan Surge” are fantasies. No one will ever be able to occupy Afganistan. Are  American soldiers any different than the Taliban in the eyes of the Afganistaniis? Do we really need 100,000 troops to find 100 supposed Al Queada terrorists? Instead of spending a trillion dollars  a year on the this Bankers War lets spend the money in the US and wage a war on poverty here at home.

Obama Sets Faster Troop Deployment to Afghanistan

Human Terrain Systems, Anthropologists and the War in Afghanistan

A “Necessary War” — for a Gas Pipeline: It’s Obama’s War Now

Finishing the Job at Home: How About a War on Poverty Instead?

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