Marz Community Brewing


Hi guys. Some of you might know that we have had liquid dreams about opening our own brewery here in Bridgeport. We are now on our way. Marz Community Brewing is a close–knit group of creatives, brewers, artists, doers, makers and friends. We all met at Maria’s and we’re launching this brewery to bring something new to Chicago and beer. We hope to blow yer minds.

Besides making amazing liquid, Marz Community Brewing will be brewing and selling beers ( Community Brews)  to help fund artist organizations, non profit groups and community activists in Chicago. We are also starting a Brewers Exchange program, offering  residencies and collaborations with brewers overseas. MCB will also be sending American brewers to our partner brewery in The Netherlands and they will be sending brewers here to collaborate with local brewers in Chicago. We have other plans and surprises in store. And we will unveil them when we open some time later this year.

We really have no idea when our final paperwork will be approved, but we are in R & D mode and wigging out. In the meantime do us a favor: be part of the tasting team!

If you have a minute please visit our website and sign up  to our  newsletter. Please “Like” us on Spacebook , too! And while yer at it become our twitter friend. You will be the first people  invited to our private tastings and events before we open to the public.


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