Lumpen Radio Profile: DJ Blankenforts


Mike Esposito AKA DJ Blanketforts

This Thursday is the last in studio radio show from WLPN founding DJ Mike Esposito. Before he heads from sun and fun in LA I though it was a great time to get meet the man behind the gear and the blanket fort.

Born, raised and schooled in Boston Mike is defiantly a child of the 90’s American rave scene. On a 1995 trip the London is when he saw Autechre live for the first time and dove head first into the Jungle scene. Back in Boston he joined forces with like-minded individuals and helped create the Toneburst Collective, creating spaces, events and parties anywhere they could. Mike became DJ ESP on WZBC 90.3 FM in Newton, Massachusetts with the show Idiot Business, which he resurrected on WLPN!

The Boston Era of Mike’s music can be found at:
In 2007 Blanket Forts was conceived in Chicago out of a desire for gear simplicity and rebranding. You can listen to those early tracks here:

And more current tracks here:
Station Commander, Logan Bay, asked Mike a few pressing questions in preparation for his last live in studio appearance.

Your 5 desert Island Albums (the eternal classics)?
1. Chiastic Slide by Autechre
2. Teenager Of The Year by Frank Black
3. Geogaddi by Boards Of Canada
4. Midnight Marauders by A Tribe Called Quest
5. Ghost In The Machine by The Police

synths in sweaters

Current top 5 singles?
1. Minipops 67 [120.2][source field mix] by Aphex Twin
2. Shining Sun (Dos) by JDSY
3. Zeal by Plaid
4. A Subtle Blend by Plug
5. Mdrmx by Brothomstates

Favorite Piece of Gear or Software?

Currently my Elekton Octratrack but only because it’s the newest probably, but it’s the most fun sampling’s been in a while for me. Close runner-up is the Nord Modular G1. Been using it since 2000, liked it so much I bought another one. On the software side Audacity has never let me down.  Also I use Logic a lot and quite like it.

Food…what do you crave?

I think I could eat in a Vietnamese restaurant every day of my life and be happy alternating between pho and bun vermicelli. I can also cook a mean pasta puttanesca.

Mike I’ve seen you at Maria’s playing board games, any top games?

Nothing too out of the ordinary.  I own way too many Dominion expansions.  I’m always trying to get people to play Caylus with me but it never seems to materialize, have had more luck with Caverna. I also love Chess and Go and Scrabble, and am terrible at all three.

After your last live set I’ve began to wonder if you are an alien? Can you confirm or deny?

So you think I’m an alien or at least working with them, I’d have to say that most of that information is classified.  However I can say that there are a lot more aliens out there than most people think, and that they are all crazy cool. 😉

Thanks for helping with WLPN Mike! Hopefully we will be able to beam you in for more tunes, beats, bloops and Blanketforts madness.

Thursday August 27th
Blanket Forts live! 6-7pm central time
DJ Blanketforts! 7-8pm central time
all on WLPN @

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