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Inbetween Radio/Stations is a new addition to the WLPN line up. Helmed by Vinyl addicts, DJ Mykol & Glenn Russell. Every two weeks they take to the air waves with a mix of DJ performances, interviews, special guests and new music. In each episode they also perform their unique collaborative DJ set, using a number of turntables and obscure records selected to be played at multiple speeds, backwards or fragmented. Additionally they sprinkle in some effects, Noises, toys and spoken word to create out there soundscapes and audio collage. They call it: InbetweenRadio/Stations.

The next episode airs on Nov 11th and will feature a very special DJ set and interview with Suzanne Shelton who was the founder and first head DJ at legendary Chicago nightclub NEO!

Since they freak us out so much we though it might be a good idea to get to know DJ Mykol & Glenn Russell a little better.

When did you start Djing?

DJ Mykol: I started “Djing” in 1998.  Eric Fensler and I went Half-sies on some used equipment that a cook from Lou Malnati’s was selling. We bought two Technics turntables, a mixer, and a butt load of records for $500.  However, I didn’t start performing until 2008, after my divorce.

Glenn Russell: I started my first DJ gigs in Agawam Massachusetts playing 50’s and 60’s as a collage summer job. They called me Mr. Energy because I jumped around a little to some of the songs I was playing. My first Chicago gig was a place on Lincoln avenue called The Vu playing oldies. The first New wave Club was the Octagon on Clark.- Finally a chance to play the music I loved.


Can you tell us about any memorable performances or DJ sets

DJ Mykol: I had an opportunity to DJ in Luxembourg.  My friend Christian Crum, moved out there from Chicago, and my wife and I went to visit.  He is a DJ, and set up an event at a bar he often spins at called Rocas.  It was a fun night.

Glenn Russell: Opening night of the Marz Bar 1983 on Walton street was pretty memorable. I had never played that LOUD and seeing so many people on the Dance floor was scary and thrilling.

Also, after being open 36 years playing the last Saturday night at Neo this year was one of the best nights of my life. Spinning two 1 hour sets alongside Neo founder and friend Suzanne Shelton blasting my favorite first generation punk and new wave tracks to a packed enthusiastic  dancefloor was unforgettable. The crowd was around the block and well… I thought the sets that night were just incredible! Such a wonderful positive vibe.

You are stuck on a desert island what five records would you want with you? 

DJ Mykol:

1. Public Enemy – Apocalypse 91 The Enemy Strikes Black

2. Erykah Badu Live

3. Shel Silverstein Where the sidewalk ends

4. Michael Jackson Off the Wall

5. Rage Against the Machine

Glenn Russell:

Your wife is calling – Fear/David Grohl

Wardance 7″ – Killing Joke

Eggman – The beastie Boys

Below the drop – The Effigies

Looking for Clues – Robert Palmer

I also have to have my favorite Album – Television – Marquee Moon

What is you favorite piece of gear?

DJ Mykol: Vinyl.  I love the format. the feel. the sound. it spans over decades. there is nothing like it.

Glenn Russell: Moog Theremin

Besides music and records what is your secret food, beverage or other craving?

DJ Mykol: My wife’s laugh.  I crave to hear her laugh. it’s sugar to my ears.

Glenn Russell: Sushi & Really cold water


Aside from DJing at Neo can you tell me a little more about your special guest Suzanne Shelton who will be on your next show November 11th

Glenn Russell:

Suzanne is a still a lover of music. Goes to shows all the time. Mother of twins her love for music lives on through her kids. Her son Buck Foley is well know in Chicago for his contributions to the music scene and booking of bands for Riotfest.

Suzanne after starting neo was the head DJ and was also responsible for reporting to Billboard and entertaining bands while they were in town performing. She had a special friendship with David Bowie the summer of 1980 when he was hear doing the elephant Man.

She’s a wealth of Scene information and has an amazing record collection with all the forgotten gems she turned us all on to.

I first saw suzanne in 1979 when I snuck into neo using my fake ID and listened to Suzanne play the most unbelievable songs I had ever heard. We never formally met untill I played at the neo reunion in 2012. We hit it off right away and have been great friends ever since. We have played together several times since then as we both have a special fondness for the early punk and new wave scene. I got her to start playing with us at Wax on Wax off using her records. That’s where she met DJ Mykol. She is Truly a wonderful human being I am proud to know!

Thanks for taking the time

Be sure to check out Inbetween Radio/Stations the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month from 7-10PM


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