Lumpen Radio DJ Spotlight: Chris Hefner / Night Time


Lumpen Radio is going live on the air soon at 105.5 FM-LP in Chicago and we want you to become more familiar with our stellar line up of DJs and Shows.

This week please take a minute to check out Chris Hefner’s show.  Night Time is a genre-non-specific hour of after-hours listening that comes on Live every Wednesday from 10pm to midnight.

Chris Hefner is a filmmaker, multimedia artist and musician living and working in Chicago.  In addition to his two feature films “The Pink Hotel” (2010) and “The Poisoner” (2014) and a bevy or shorts & music videos, Hefner also continuously produces artwork on paper and plays the musical saw with Daniel Knox.  Multimedia work aside, Hefner has been a record enthusiast and collector throughout, and as such has been DJ-ing regularly since 2003.  Find more at

You can listen to a recent set at Mixcloud.

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