Lakeview makes the case for its own destruction

Racist ads indicative of the residents of Wrigleyville have been popping up all over the neighborhood, advertising a “Savages”-themed dance party at the Metro, the Sun-Times reports. (Obviously, this is scheduled for Market Days.) The ads feature a man in a headdress, red facepaint, and a loincloth crouching in some jungle type shit. Who knows what they were going for. Some real ambiguous shit:


The Metro has denied that it’s hosting any kind of Savages event on its Facebook page, but the dickhead who’s responsible for the event told the Tribune, “We signed a contract and paid a deposit. The date’s on the calendar. I don’t see any reason why the party would be cancelled.” That dickhead, a white male resident of Lakeview, went on to say that he could change the name of the party to something “more PC,” but “we just thought it was a cool name. Our goal is to have a fierce production and we thought ‘savages’ would go hand in hand with that.” According to his Instagram page, the party promoter is identical to every other Boystown regular in the worst possible way.

Lakeview sucks.

Update: The company has removed the “Savages” name, but complained that people were being too PC and “too restrictive” to DNAInfo. Yes, it sucks that you can’t profit off of the genocide of Native Americans by white people. Sorry!

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