Small Manufacturing Alliance (SMALL)

SMALL is a new organization that promotes companies and individuals who make locally manufactured products.

The goal of the organization is to amplify awareness of products made in the Chicago Metropolitan area through events, promotions, media and trade shows. SMALL will emphasize that sustainable businesses are the key to our economic well being.  The organization will assist these local manufacturers with legal aid, seminars, marketing services, incubation services and other resources to help grow their business endeavors.

SMALL will be launched this May during Version Festival. We will create a department store like space called the SMALL Showroom at the gallery Co-Prosperity Sphere located at 3219 S Morgan Street in Chicago that will be open for the entire month of May. Think of it as the People’s Macy’s. Products will be displayed in the showroom for one month. During promotional events at the SMALL Showroom the creators of these local products will be able to demonstrate or present them to the public.

If you are interested in being a big part of SMALL please email edmarlumpen(at) We are currently focused on identifying manufacturers and producers to create a directory of Made in Chicago products. We will then contact interested parties to join us for the launch of the event at the SMALL Showroom that opens May 1, 2012 at the Co-Prosperity Sphere in Chicago.

Product categories featured in SMALL’s Directory include:
Auto & Bike
Body Products
Children & Maternity
Contract Manufacturers
Food & Beverage
Hospitality/Entertainment Products
Home & Garden
Pet Products
Print & Media Production
Other artisan made and hand crafted items.

SMALL is being incubated by Public Media Institute (PMI). PMI is a non-profit 501(c) 3, community based, arts & culture organization located in Chicago, Illinois. Our mission is to create and incubate innovative arts programming and cultural infrastructures to transform people – socially and intellectually – through the production of festivals, art spaces, events, exhibitions, community projects, artifacts and media. Public Media Institute is committed to the region’s cultural ecology and is evident through our series of programs, spaces and projects.

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