January 20, 2017: Lumpen Magazine “Our First 100 Days” Release + Lumpen Radio’s Inauguration Day Sound Off

On inauguration day, when He Who Shall Not Be Named is being sworn in as our 45th p(R)resident, we will release the “Our First 100 Days” issue of Lumpen Magazine.

We did a call for work after the election and asked our community to respond to the Billionaire Gang’s plans for the Trumpocalypse.

Consider this issue our first salvo for an updated and lean introduction to the struggles, tactics and strategies that will forge a more positive way ahead. We hope these slivers of hope, these prescriptions for defensive measures and inspired kernels of wisdom will activate you and your friends and family to join the Front Against Trump.

We want you to contribute to the Our First 100 Days project. Help us respond to the beginning of the Trumpocalypse and participate in a public audio project for our community radio station, WLPN-LP on 105.5fm. Do you want to let Lumpen Radio listeners know what you think about the incoming Trump administration? Then please consider making a recording on January 20th. Make some noise about how you feel about Trump being our President. Seriously scream if you want to. Tell us what you are gonna do to make things better. If you don’t swear that much we will play some of your recordings over the air in the coming weeks. Use your phone, record your message and email us your audio file to info@lumpenradio.com by January 22. You can include your name if you want to.

We will be hanging out after the Protests and Actions on January 20th around 9pm at Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar, where the issue will be unofficially released. Come by and grab a few copies to share with your friends, have a drink and lets talk about getting our shit together again.

Issue 129 of Lumpen Magazine was designed by Studio Chew. It was copy edited by Mairead Case.

It features contributions by:
Alan Moore, Aya Lafillette, Carol Morency, Catherine Uehara, Dimitre Samarov, Eva Pilch, Industry of the Ordinary, Jason Geistweidt, Jerry Boyle, Jesse Navarrete, Jimmy Pivo, John Wilson, Justin Cholewa, Lauren Gallagher, Matt Muchowski, Michael DiGioia, Michael Hernandez de Luna, Mother Goose Luz, Rebecca Ridge, Scott Bufis, Sebastian Villarreal, Seth Kim-Cohen, Tom Torluemke, Victor Grigas,  & Virginia Montgomery

With comics by:
Ben Marcus, Bobby Sims, Chema Skandal, Eddy Rivera, Grant Reynolds, Johnny Sampson, Kriss Stress, Krystal Difronzo, Lyra Hill, Mary Beth Brennan, Nate Beaty, Rylan Thompson, Sarah Leitten
& Two Tone Comics.


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