Jagoff of the Week: John Kass


John Kass

by Paul Dailing

This originally ran in our special Lumpen Field Guide to Chicago Jagoffs

Everyone I know at the Chicago Tribune says columnist John Kass is one hell of a guy — genial, incisive, and on the money about every backdoor deal in town. Too bad that guy’s never shown up in Kass’ bomb-throwing, right-of-Koch writing. He called Ferguson a “lynching.” A “legal lynching” of the white police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black teen. If Western Springs resident Kass has a skill, it’s passing off nicknames as political commentary. “Rahmfather” for the mayor (who loves it so much Kass gave him a framed portrait). “Little Bike People” for cyclists (a frequent target of his in a city with bigger problems). “Sensible Shoes” for Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle (because of… shoes?). So here are some nicknames for the shitstorm of Page 2: Rich Little, because he’s made a career of a cut-rate Royko impression; Pom Squad, because that’s the last place catty nicknames earned anyone that much status; Navy Pier, because he slathers himself in a faux Chicagoana to match what the tourists expect. John Kass has position, power, and prestige to make change in the world and he punts it with a “Chik-kahgo guy” impression. Give this jag a moutza, and give someone else his job.

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