Rappers who El Chapo could be hiding from the international law with

Ever since Joaquín Guzmán Lorea, aka El Chapo, escaped from a Mexican supermax over the weekend (through a mile-long tunnel, on a motorcycle that was adapted to be ridden on rails, with the help of members of the Mexican government), we’ve been wondering where ol’ Chapo is. Here are a few rappers he could be hiding out with:


On “Kilos In My Bag,” which is about walking through an airport with a duffel bag full of cocaine, Stitches, a white 20-year-old from the Miami suburbs, claims that “El Chapo is my friend/Free Big Meech and Guzmán,” referring to Chapo’s birth name, Joaquín Guzmán Loera.


A day after Chapo escaped, Casino, Future, and Young Scooter dropped “El Chapo.” In the hook, Future says, “I keep the shooters with me like El Chapo/I Got a bitch, that bitch call me El Chapo.” On “Showed Up,” Future compares himself to Chapo again, saying, “I’m Pablo, El Chapo to these lil’ niggas.” On “DNA,” Future raps, “You irrelevant to a president on medicine/It’s that kilo, you fuck dingy hos, El Chapo.” Feels like he’d put Chapo up for a few days.

Gucci Mane

Gucci may be El Chapo’s biggest fan in rap. In E-40’s “Pablo,” he begins his verse with, “Stop the track! Salute to El Chapo/21 gun salute.” In “El Chapo,” Guwop expresses admiration for the escaped cartel leader, rapping, “All we wanna be is El Chapo/And when I meet him I’mma tell him bravo.” He adds in “Chasin’ Paper,” “Someone call El Chapo, tell him Guwop said I’m thankful.” He says he and Chapo are on familiar terms on “Don’t Loose No Load,” rapping, “I got blow/And I sell dope/I know El Chapo.” He even schools a broke baby daddy on “Baby Daddy Broke,” rapping, “He can’t even smoke with me cause Guwop selling dope/He got nothing over me cause El Chapo my folk, ho.”

Gucci compares himself to Chapo on numerous occasions:

  • on “Trap House 3,” saying, “Big cat we used to call el gato/Now Guwop they call me El Chapo”
  • on “Mama,” in which he talks about the assassination attempt that Young Jeezy allegedly ordered (“Shooting at El Chapo/Nigga had the nerve to try to kill the head honcho”)
  • in “Turn Up,” he says, “You can’t go in the hood, but Gucci Mane can/In Birmingham got El Chapo gang plan”
  • in “Cali,” he raps, “I’m El Chapo with the choppas/Knock the meat out your taco.”
  • in “Money Habits,” he raps, “I go loco ’bout that guapo, off El Chapo with the choppa.”
  • in “Me OK (Remix),” he raps, “El Chapo with the dope, I might just get your ass beheaded.”
  • in “Cartel Talk,” Gucci raps, “I think I’m Pablo, John Gotti, El Chapo/Head honcho, they say that all my goons local.”
  • in “Handicap,” he raps, “Commando, kick in your front door/Jesús, Alejandro/Get your whole family killed like El Chapo.”
  • in “Gang Bangin’,” he raps, “I take your head off your body, that El Chapo in me.”
  • in “Fugitive,” he draws the most direct line between him and Chapo, rapping, “El Chapo mane, he a fugitive/Griselda Blanco was a fugitive (RIP)/Big Meech, he was a fugitive/Al Capone was a fugitive/Gucci Mane was a fugitive.”

Young Scooter

On Gucci Mane’s “Bankroll,” Scooter raps, “Thinkin’ like El Chapo, we can’t loose no loads” (which is also a reference to Gucci’s own Chapo-referencing “Don’t Loose No Loads”). A sentiment I think we can all agree with.

Glory Boyz

It’s no secret that the Sineloa Cartel is absolutely huge in Chicago – so much so that the Chicago Crime Commission named El Chapo Public Enemy #1 in 2013 – so it’s not that hard to see Chapo shacking up with Chief Keef and Fredo Santana’s Glory Boyz. Fredo raps, “Got bricks and I feel like El Chapo” on “Jealous,” adding on “Third Floor,” “El Chapo with the word, I’m mister double up/Vatos hit me up, he need a hundred of ’em.” On “Peep Hole,” Keef raps, “I think I’m El Chapo, boy you worth a kilo/I’m coolin’ with my vatos, cause they speak my lingo.” And on “You Lying,” recently deceased GBE member Capo rapped, “See, my name El Capo/Well more like the mob, whacking shit like El Chapo.” On “All My Niggas,” Capo adds, “All my niggas sell dope, I play El Chapo/Caught my first hundred bricks, they call me Capo.”


Two of three Migos have dropped references to Chapo. On “Pronto,” Takeoff says he’s connected to Chapo, saying, “My Spanish plug Eduardo, his cousin El Chapo/They keep that coco.” In “100 Bricks,” Offset raps, “I came from the trap and the dope will stay ignorant/I talk to El Chapo, he send me some tacos.” I don’t know when the last time Chapo trapped out the bando was, but I feel like they’d all get along.

Ill Bill

The Cult Leader compares himself to Guzmán on La Coka Nostra’s “The Eyes of Santa Muerte,” calling himself “A revered image of truth, here with the youth/Vivid living proof spitting like El Chapo in the booth.”

Rick Ross

Noted fake drug dealer and former prison guard compares himself to Chapo on the remix to Young Scooter’s “Colombia,” rapping, “I’m a boss not a Capo/Pussy nigga time to call me El Chapo.”

Shy Glizzy

The album art is the only direct reference to Chapo, but, as a certain Twitter Trump apologist put it, “all the coke & “head honcho” talk puts it up there for me.”

Young Money Yawn

On “Shout Out To Papi,” an ode to seemingly every Miami drug dealer, Yawn raps, “Guapo the ocho, coke ’bout a boatload/Son of El Chapo, which means I’m plugged in with Pablo.”

Fat Trel

Slutty Boyz member Trel raps on “Walkin Thru My Hood,” “My new bitch just told me I was loco/Like El Chapo in Miami, I’m with ocho.” (I really just included this because I wanted to have the words “Slutty Boyz” in here.)

Machine Gun Kelly

To be honest, I’m not sure if El Chapo would be all that into MGK. And MGK doesn’t even show Chapo the proper respect, saying on “Till I Die,” “Erry’day I feel like El Chapo/I was getting high in the 6th grade.”

Waka Flocka Flame

In “Word To The Wise,” the erstwhile presidential candidate raps, “Where your life guard, nigga?/El Chapo shit/Find your body parts, nigga/You ain’t a drug dealer.” In “Murda She Wrote,” Waka raps, “You dealin’ with El Chapo, bricks like a fast speedboat.” Seems like they’d get along. Their priorities are in the same place.

PeeWee Longway

In the Intro to World War 3: Lean, he compares himself to both El Chapo and legendary Miami drug smuggler Griselda Blanco: “Makin’ juug, makin’ juug with my people/Griselda Blanco, El Chapo, clean bricks in, bring nacho.”

Young Thug

On PeeWee Longway’s “Ready,” Thugger says, “Young guapo El Chapo/We sell the blanco.” No word on Chapo’s opinion on Thugger yet, though.

Cookie Money

In “War,” the Bay Area rapper says that he calls shots like Chapo, rapping, “Call shot, El Chapo, yo thank-o mi pesos/Stay rich off kilos, support all my migos.” Which is an admirable goal for anyone.

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