vers10nNO_vectorWe are very unhappy to announce that many of our websites and our Version festival’s web infrastructure has been broken.

Today, March 1, 2010 was the deadline for submissions for this spring’s Version festival. Our submission website (and our entire Lumpen.con domain!) has been disconnected from the interweb and will NOT be able to reached in the near future. It seems our host for our server just up an moved everything to a new location without bringing us with them.

AS we figure out our BIG problem we have parked the information to submit a proposal to Version 10 at this NEW Web URL:

We are trying to get our web based submissions forms to work. In the meantime follow the instructions on the submission page if it doesn’t.

You may also visit the version festival home page to learn how to best submit your work to the festival.

If you have made an online submission already we want you to resend the information!! It is possible we may have lost the information.

We have moved the deadline up to March 3, 2010 to help those who have had technical problems that have plagued us the past 24 hours.

We apologize for this disaster.

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