Go See a Play. You can drink beer before, during, and after.

A.J.-LeSage-Audre-Budrys-photoby-Julie-BowmanScene from a play.

I’ve been very worried after an exchange I had recently.While saying goodbye to a friend & her new boyfriend after a memorial day BBQ, I said, “Let’s hang out soon, let’s go see a play or something!”

Both of their faces dropped, as they said “No way” in unison, “What’s wrong with you….let’s go to a bar or a restaurant!”

These words have been running through my head, have the snake people forsaken art? Did they ever like it to begin with? I don’t know…but PLEASE REMOVE THIS EXCHANGE FROM MY MIND.

Support the only theatre company in Bridgeport…

Info below from the intrepid

Kyle Gaffin, pictured below. 


“Is weirdo, experimental live theatre your thing? If so, you should be pleased as punch ‘cause it’s happening right here in Bridgeport this weekend. The Bridge, the live theatre group founded last year by Kestutis Nakas, will be performing The Hyacinth Macaw, an off-the-wall, non-realistic piece by avant-garde playwright Mac Wellman. “Mac Wellman’s experimental word play is rarely seen or heard in Chicago, let alone Bridgeport,” Nakas says of the play. “But I feel our community is ready for something really different. This is something you won’t see on the Northside. Our century-old school auditorium, locally nicknamed ‘The Orphanage’, is exactly the kind of offbeat site that Mac holds dear. It’s a bold step forward for the growing arts scene in our community.”

The piece will be performed in the First Trinity Community Auditorium at 643 W 31st St, beginning Sept. 18 – Oct. 4 on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 7:30pm. Tickets are $12, with a $10 option for students and seniors. For tickets and more info, take a peek here. Don’t miss out on this radical thespian experience and the chance to support live performance in Bridgeport.”


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