G20 Protests. Looks Like 1999 Again

“Thousands of protesters have taken over the streets of downtown Toronto as isolated groups of demonstrators smashed windows and confronted riot police. A crowd of black-clad protesters with bandanas covering their faces moved around the city centre, damaging property along the way. Several police cruisers were vandalized and two were lit ablaze as flames and black smoke billowed into the air. Sparks flew into the air from small explosions. Firefighters finally arrived after about 15 minutes. Tear gas was deployed at College Street and University Avenue shortly after 4:30 p.m. ET, but a police spokesman said he did not know whether it was used by police or protesters.”

“June 26, 2010 Toronto G20 Protests went on for two days during the G20 Summit as thousands of police, 1,1oo private security firms hired to stop protesters and several police cars were lit on fire.

US corporate businesses along Yonge, Queen Streets such as Starbucks, Bell Canada, Urban Brick, American Apparel and Nike windows were all smashed in during the protesters.  See all the photos as Toronto burns up with anger against the G20 and G8 Summit protests held in Ontario Canada.

Protesters were stopped at every block and kept away from the 20 people that control the world economy and included Greenpeace, Amnesty International, poverty groups and a group of militant protesters that left their message on Toronto’s streets.”

G20 protests turn violent, more than a hundred arrested

G20 Protests Put Pressure on Canada’s Mining and Tar Sand Industries

G-20 Protests In Toronto (PHOTOS)

Political Protest Toronto (photos)

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