From the Trenches: ‘And If You Wrong Us, Shall We Not Revenge?’

“From the Trenches” is a battle cry. In a globalized world that criminalizes the rebellious in spirit, it’s easy to forget that change-minded activists and organizers are tallying up tiny victories against sociocultural and economic oppression on the regular. The column will serve as a weekly reminder that we not only can win, but we do, often. So hasta la victoria siempre and all that.

There’s something to be said for revenge fantasy.

Or at least that’s what Latinos who have been crafting (and then destroying) Donald Trump piñatas across the US and Latin America would probably tell you. The trend has grown rapidly over the past few months since The Donald announced his presidential candidacy back in June by claiming Mexicans are coming bringing “drugs, crime [and] rapists” into the US (what ever happened to buying American-made?).  A Texas radio station reported that Trump piñatas are “flying off the shelves,” because customers would “like to beat the crap out of [them],” according to a local shop owner.

Luckily, Mexicans have developed thick skins (and a sense of humor) about the everyday anti-Latino rhetoric that has become integral to political discourse in this godforsaken country. So to celebrate Mexican Independence Day yesterday, some Latinos decided to get crafty. Democracy Now! reports:

In St. Louis, Missouri, residents celebrated Mexican Independence Day Tuesday by beating an eight-foot piñata of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Dubbed “El Trumpo,” the candy-filled piñata was constructed over the course of two weeks by Francis “Rich” Rodriguez, the owner of a local pizza shop.

Is anyone out there working on turning one of these things into a voodoo doll?

¡Viva México!

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