Forecast of Doom II

And now for your Forecast of Doom! For those of you who can’t wait until the new end of the world in 2012, don’t worry, your self indulgent witty existence will soon end.

Everything you think is true will end. It is the end of the American dream, we all needed to wake the fuck up and now that we have, well, we see our country has been a sham for a hundred years. We were sold into wage slavery. It’s all post tense now out there, the talk, the chatter in the conspiracy world. “This is the story of how we got to this pivotal point in history when freedom draws its last gasps.” Game over. Back to the future. October 25th is a date of doom picked out by a couple of computer simulations: timewave zero and the web bot, and will involve Washington D.C. being nuked. This will be followed by martial law, global war, etc. If you don’t meet your end then, just wait a month. On November 21st aliens land in Sarasota. On the 27th, the day after thanksgiving, Obama will come on TV and say how we have been in contact with 6 ET species. In December, Obama will sign a Global warming treaty, that will essential tax us into a redistribution of wealth. We pollute more so hand it over to those who don’t. A new international currency will be a very logical move at that point and accepted as an after thought. We will then be resettled in the country into tribe like units. We are living in interesting times. If you feel hopeless and suicidal, don’t kill yourself, stick around to watch the end of the world.

~Derek Denton
Forecast of Doom appears in Issue # 113 of the print edition of Lumpen Times .

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