Doctor Death Crush at The Gallery Cabaret

On Saturday night the old Bucktown staple, The Gallery Cabaret, hosted a night of pure rock n’ roll. In an age when the same rock bands have been played on the radio stations for decades over and over, it’s difficult to find uniqueness and voice in straightforward rock music. Doctor Death Crush rose up from Hell to answer that challenge.


Doctor Death Crush at The Gallery Cabaret. Photo by Daniela Colucci

There are two intense forces to be reckoned with here.


Zack Violet. Photo by Daniela Colucci

First is Zack Violet. There’s no question to who’s the frontman in the group. Zack dances about the stage and commands his audience to take in every single snarky, soulful word. He bellows out a varying range of notes and spices them with squeals and shrieks that exercise a philosophy of vocal freedom.


Steven Lynn. Photo by Daniela Colucci

Next is guitarist Steven Lynn. He’s one of those players that controls his instrument as if it were his own flesh and blood body part. If you are one of those people who think solos are outdated, or boring, do yourself a favor and listen to Steve’s guitar solo in the above audio clip from Saturday’s show. He will reaffirm your faith.


Doctor Death Crush live at The Gallery Cabaret. Photo by Daniela Colucci

Check them out at the Doctor Death Crush Facebook page and the Doctor Death Crush Soundcloud page.

You can also listen to and buy their Jealous Audience EP here.

More photos by Daniela Colucci at her Instagram @dani.colucci.

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