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Lumpen Issue #132

Welcome to 1968.

They say: time is a circle, history repeats itself. Fifty years later, we reflect on the past and our present, and how the future can be defined. Once again, the government lacks morality and we, the people, are FED UP. Again, we are angry and must stand up to create change


Lumpen #131 – The Comics Issue

The 2018 Comics issue was edited by Joe Tallarico and designed by Jeremiah Chiu of Studio Chew. With contributions and love from these amazing artists:

David Alvarado, Chema Skandal, Rylan Thompson, Kriss Stress, Mary Beth Brennan, Chloe Perkis, Sharmila Banerjee, Johnny Sampson, Nate Beaty, Ben Bertin, Kevin Budnik, Jessica Campbell, Danielle Chenette, Austin English, Krystal Difronzo, Margaux Duseigneur, Edie Fake, Leif Goldberg, Keith Herzik, Clay Hickson, Juliacks, Sarah Leitten, Ben Marcus, Marieke McClendon, Julie Murphy, Bred Rohloff, Ian Mcduffie, Max Morris, Paul Nudd, Otto Splotch, George Porteus, Grant Reynolds, Eddy Rivera, Joe Tallarico, Mike Taylor, Tim Tvedt, Luke Snobeck, two tone comix, Anya Davidson, Joakim Drescher, Allie Drew, Carrie Vinarsky, & Sarah Squirm.

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Issue #130 • Summer 2017
The Municipalism Issue
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With Contributions by: Alan W. Moore, Brian Mier, Christina Sanchez Juarez, Jerry Boyle, Jim Newberry, Robby Herbst Barcelona En Comú, Betty Marin, Heather M. O’Brien, John Duda, John McKim, Keefer Dunn, and Marianela D’Aprile

and Comics by:
Andy Burkholder,Ben Marcus, George Porteus, Grant Reynolds, Jessica Campbell, Johnny Sampson, Kriss Stress, Danielle Chenette, Nate Beaty, Rylan Thompson, Sarah Leitten

Building a Municipal Movement is the theme of this Summer’s Lumpen magazine. We will be working on mapping Chicago’s resistance over the course of the year.




On January 20th 2017 we released the “Our First 100 Days” issue of Lumpen Magazine.

We did a call for work after the election and asked our community to respond to the Billionaire Gang’s plans for the Trumpocalypse.

Consider this issue our first salvo for an updated and lean introduction to the struggles, tactics and strategies that will forge a more positive way ahead. We hope these slivers of hope, these prescriptions for defensive measures and inspired kernels of wisdom will activate you and your friends and family to join the Front Against Trump.

Issue 129 of Lumpen Magazine was designed by Studio Chew. It was copy edited by Mairead Case.

It features contributions by:
Alan Moore, Aya Lafillette, Carol Morency, Catherine Uehara, Dimitre Samarov, Eva Pilch, Industry of the Ordinary, Jason Geistweidt, Jerry Boyle, Jesse Navarrete, Jimmy Pivo, John Wilson, Justin Cholewa, Lauren Gallagher, Matt Muchowski, Michael DiGioia, Michael Hernandez de Luna, Mother Goose Luz, Rebecca Ridge, Scott Bufis, Sebastian Villarreal, Seth Kim-Cohen, Tom Torluemke, Victor Grigas, & Virginia Montgomery

With comics by:
Ben Marcus, Bobby Sims, Chema Skandal, Eddy Rivera, Grant Reynolds, Johnny Sampson, Kriss Stress, Krystal Difronzo, Lyra Hill, Mary Beth Brennan, Nate Beaty, Rylan Thompson, Sarah Leitten, & Two Tone Comics.

Download the issue: Lumpen 129 Our First 100 Days



The 25th Anniversary issue of Lumpen Magazine was released alongside the launch of our new love child, Lumpen Radio, WLPN-LP, Chicago 105.5 on November 8, 2016 at the Co-Prosperity Sphere

It was designed by our long time collaborator, Studio Chew, and contains works from all all star cast of contributors including:

Alex Fuller
Andreas E.G. Larsson
Arthur Jones
Aya Lafillette
Bad at Sports
Bob Villain
Brian Guido
Bud Rodecker
Chad Kouri
Cheryl Trykv
Christopher Schreck
Davy Force
Dmitry Samarov
Douglas Walker
Dylan Ryan Sand
DJ Le Deuce
Iker Gil
Jamie Trecker
Jeffrey Dorchen
Jeremiah Chiu
John Pobojewski
Juan Chavez
Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung
Kyle Fletcher
Lillian Martinez
Luke Ramsey
Luke Williams
Margot Harrington
Mark Andrews
Marta Sofia Honer
Michael Broers
Michael Digiola (Video Ape)
Nick Adam
Niels Post
Peter Ryan Miller
Ricardo ‘Buddy’ Bojorquez
Rick Valicenti
Scott Reinhard
Simone Noronha
Stephanie Burke
Tanner Woodford
Zach Dodson



#127 The Issues issue.
In this issue we’ve highlighted some people and organizations that are engaged in activism and non-profit work to try to make this city a better place to live.

It features work by:
Rob Hager, Lila Nordstrom, Jerry Boyle, Joe Collier, Amanda Scotese, Kyle Gaffin, Dan Sloan, Chris Hedges, Charlie Festa, Leah Menzer, Ben Marcus, Grant Reynolds, Jessica Campbell, Johnny Sampson, Kevin Budnik, Max Morris, Nate Beaty, Sarah Leitten, Two Tone Comix

127 has been designed by Jermiah Chiu of Studio Chew. It ushers in a new transition for Lumpen Magazine as we enter our 25th year of publishing.




Lumpen 126 Third Annual Comics Issue

We are super pleased to release the third annual all-comics issue of Lumpen magazine, including comic work by groundbreaking local and international artists. This issue has a loose theme of “Radio” which correlates to the launch 105.5 WLPN, a brand new non-commercial radio station based out of Bridgeport that showcases underground and innovative programming and feature distinctly curated music from a variety of genres as well as cultural commentary, not unlike the variety of comics and artists in Lumpen magazine.

With comics by:

David Alvarado, Sharmila Banerjee, Nate Beaty, Ben Bertin, Kevin Budnik, Andy Burkholder, Jessica Campbell, Danielle Chenette, Mark Connery, Krystal Difronzo, Margaux Duseigneur, Edie Fake, Sarah Ferrick, Leif Goldberg, Keith Herzik, Andrew Holmquist, Clay Hickson, Lyra Hill, Emily Hutchings, Juliacks, Blaise Larmee, Sarah Leitten, Ben Marcus, Marieke McClendon, Ian Mcduffie, Max Morris, Paul Nudd, Onsmith, Jason Overby, George Porteus, Grant Reynolds, Eric Rivera, Aaron Renier, Joe Tallarico, Mike Taylor, Matthew Thurber, Tim Tvedt, Two Tone Comix, Lale Westvind, Gina Wynbrandt, Leslie Wiebeler, Mickey Zachilli

Download the issue: Lumpen 126 Third Annual Comics Issue

Lumpen 125 ( Summer 2015 ) Placetakers and Placemakers

Lumpen #125 takes a look at the issues of gentrification, development and revitalization in our communities. Using the lenses of Placemaking and Placetaking we hope to provide advice to those of you working towards building healthy neighborhoods and spaces.

What is Placemaking and Placetaking?

Placemaking is a community-based approach to urban revitalization and the shaping of public spaces. It brings together artists, designers, planners and neighbors in order to create places that help build healthy and vibrant communities.

Placetaking refers to the processes of gentrification and displacement that so often arise when placemaking projects are implemented. It occurs when these projects pander to the wealthy and privileged, such that the disadvantaged find themselves forced out of their neighborhoods and public spaces.

Issue 125 Editorial Team: Kyle Gaffin, Sara McCall & Dan Sloan

Contributors: Nate Beaty, Danielle Chenette, Julia Cole, Matt David, Crystal DiFronzo, Charles Festa, Kyle Gaffin, Brandon Howe, Nance Klehm, David Krueger, Jason Kunesh, Benjamin Marcus, Brie McGuire, Charlie Megna, Brian Meir, Jessi Meliza, Kelly Reaves, Krisann Rehbein, Eddy Rivera, Sean Starowitz, Trubble Club, Charles Vinz, Lale Westvind.

Designed by Alex Dougherty



Issue #24 : The Lumpen Field Guide to Chicago Jagoffs


Lumpen #124: the Lumpen Field Guide to Chicago Jagoffs.
Read contributions from across Chicago about the people, places, and practices (past and present) that constitute representative jagoffery.

The Guide was edited by Bill Savage and Paul Durica who crowd sourced contributions from across the city.

Contributors include: Randy Bushwa, Chris Brotherton, Jerry Boyle, Joe Bryl, Andrés Carrasquillo, Paul Dailing, Amy Beth Danzer, Charlie Davis, John Dudas, Paul Durica, Marc Fischer, V. Francone, Amy Friedman, Pawel Grajnert, Honna Eichler George, Peter Hand, Ed Herrmann, Hugh Iglarsh, Nick Jaeger, Yana Kunichoff, Matt Lauritzen, Carol LaChapelle, Ian Morris, Jarrett Neal, Max Norton, Robert O’Connor, LuAnn Paladino, Joseph S. Pete, Christopher Peterson, Rachel, Greg Salustro, Dmitry Samarov, Bill Savage, Tom Schneider, Christopher Sholes, John Shuster, August Spies, W.R. Logan Sq. , Jamie Trecker, Vincent Truman, Katharine Uhrich, Shanna van Volt, Sam Weiner, Julie Welsh, Mary Zerkel and others.

Comics by: Andy Burkholder, Ben Marcus, Danielle Chenette, Eddy Rivera, George Porteus, Nate Beaty, Sarah Leitten, Grant Reynolds, Kevein Budnik, Krystal Difronzio, Mike Carretta and Nate McDonough.