Call for Works: Proximity Magazine Number 11

Join us for a potluck edition of Proximity Magazine Number 11, wherein we investigate the intersections of art, food, politics and social practice. We are following our noses and inhaling the increasing preoccupation of food being used in contemporary art. Our engagement with projects that have inspired us in recent editions of Proximity, Version Festivals and MDW fairs, and romps throughout our city’s art ecology has lead us to this inevitable feast. And of course the increasing collaboration between chefs and brewers with community groups and social causes has given us a pause to further consider this blossoming movement of culinary social art practice.

Please  prepare a course, a dish or an aperitif and send us your thoughts in a one paragraph pitch. We are seeking short and long form essays, briefs on historical artworks (we hope someone will create a directory of historical works), visual imagery, and your investigations into how the boundaries of art and food have been blurred, smoothed out and ingested.

Reservations at  edmarlumpen at gmail dot com. Our pitch deadline is March 15, 2013. Completed texts and works are due by April 15, 2013. We will  release the issue at a new endeavor  to be unveiled this Spring at Version Festival 13.

( Photo of Stefan Gross Sculpture  at Re: Rotterdam 2013 )

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