Call for Work for Lumpen Magazine’s Our 100 Days Issue


Hi Lumpen friend.

This is a Call for texts, images and actions.

President-Elect Orangeface will be inaugurated January, 2017.  We are freaked out by his cabinet positions and the evolution of his new Executive Swamp . We expect his first 100 Days of his administration to be a hubris filled mess that will confound and debilitate humanity. We can’t let them do this.

In response to this cabal’s future plans Lumpen Magazine is doing an “Our 100 Days” themed issue. It will be a fun filled guide to what we can expect and how we can resist the creeping neo-fascist agenda that is being shoved down our collective gullet.

We want you to participate.

We want you to send us your ideas, agit prop, and tips to resist, inspire action and cope with the future.

We want to run articles that cover everything from: knowing your legal rights when stopped by the FBI; sharing creative tactics for public protest; radical reading lists,  addressing surveillance self-defense;  homesteading your own little utopia in a red county, taking over your local party organization or political org to anything else that can energize and provide some directions and inspiration to confront the madmen.

We will reprint, republish, accept original essays, images and commentary.

Texts can be anywhere from 500-2000 words. If you are interested send a query to Edmar.

Deadline for all materials is December 27, 2016



{ Artwork above by Arthur Jones, as seen in issue 128 of Lumpen Magazine. }

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