Bit Bash Chicago is this Saturday

The indy gaming industry in Chicago hasn’t ever looked this good. Threadless is hosting this do not miss fest for gaming nerds, fans and supporters.. You know who you are… Get tickets now.

” Founded in 2014, Bit Bash is an interactive arts festival that celebrates video games by throwing wickedly cool events in Chicago. Our first event blew our expectations out of the water with over 1,300 attendees and tons of cool DJs, art, and games. Now, with our expectations set unrealistically high, we’re making Bit Bash 2015 even bigger and more insane.

Bit Bash 2015 has more of everything: 50+ games, more music, more art, and three times the space. It’s our mission to put as many diverse and interesting games in front of as many diverse and interesting people as we can. “

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