Become a Member of Lumpen Radio !

Lumpen Radio, our sister media project, is happy to announce our very first membership drive!

We’ve grown a ton in the last few years – our roster of shows is amazing, our studio is beautiful well-oiled radio machine, and we broadcast on the actual radio dial now. We did it all with the help of wonderful volunteers and the love of listeners. Lumpen Radio isn’t done growing through. We need your help to keep putting our psychomagical vibes out. This is the first time we’re asking everyone to be our partner – but don’t worry, you’ll get a lot back for your investment.

Being a Lumpen Member means giving a small donation each month and in return, you’ll get access to secret events, concerts, swag – oh and a real live membership card. Plus, Lumpen Radio gets to stay on the air!

visit our patreon site and sign up to be a member today.

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