Are you a good little consumer?

Are you a good little consumer?
Below is a simple test:

1.The Economy is:
a. I just need to be positive then everything will be OK!
b. Volatile.
c. Tanking.

2. When I hear the term “consumer confidence”:
a. It makes me cringe with guilt that I don’t feel more confident.
b. I have heard it so many times it doesn’t mean anything.
c. I think it’s some bullshit index some bankster made up.

3. When I need a product I:
a. Go right to the store, buy it and feel all warm and fuzzy.
b. Shop around for a good deal and then feel clever and fuzzy.
c. I get it second hand, and reuse instead of trashing the landfills.

4. Television commercials make me:
a. Zone out in wonderment at what I could be if I had that.
b. Have an unconscious cue that I can leave and go potty.
c. I don’t watch commercials unless they make me online.

5. When you watch sports on Sunday do you:
a. Feel bad you don’t have buddies over or aren’t at a bar.
b. Get a drunk and finally get to unwind for the week.
c. Wonder how we went from church and/or family to beer and/or violence on Sunday?

6. Politicians on TV are:
a. Informative and a good objective way to make a decision.
b. Like any other product being sold to you.
c. A totally mind-fuck con-job.

If you answered a. or b. on most of these you need to reeducate yourself or die a useless eater.


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