Aliens are Nazis

Title says it all. What you thought were UFO’s, abducting gray men, the tall Nordic type of alien, the tall telepathic inner earth beings, or whatever, were all really Nazis. In late 1946 Byrd took a small fleet to the Antarctic Neuschwabenland and turned back after he lost four planes. In 1947, the Roswell “crash” shot them down. If weird creatures were flying them, its because the Nazi’s created them in a test tube. Nazi’s got into the U.S. after WWII through scientist, and historically through the German Thule society-based ‘Skull and Bones‘. Obama bomba’d the moon, because of a Nazi base there! Interesting right? If no, thanks for reading, if yes, well, there is an Indy underground collaborative film-making feature in production on the subject craving your creative juices.



Iron Sky Promotional Artist Rendering.

Iron Sky Promotional Artist Rendering.

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