Abortion drones take to the Polish skies

Dutch feminist organization Women on Waves is launching drones filled with bottles of pills used to induce abortion in the early stages of pregnancy from Frankfurt an der Oder, Germany to Slubice, Poland. Poland is one of the most heavily Catholic countries in the world; check out this map of all the Catholic churches in Poland, via Quartz:


On its website, Women on Waves wrote that German police confiscated the drone controllers and iPads being used, but did not step in to intervene before the drones safely landed across the border. They added that German police pressed some charges, but they weren’t sure what they were.

Gizmodo rounds up a handful of ways drones are being used to promote progressive causes:

South African rhino conservationists use them to scare poachers. In Malta, an American businessman uses drones to spot migrants being smuggled by human traffickers. There’s even a nonprofit called UAViators devoted to linking drone pilots with humanitarian missions, and another nonprofit called Syrian Airlift Project plans to use drones to sneak medical supplies in Syria.

Since Poland is so conservative, the only ways a woman can get a legal abortion is in cases of rape, incest, or if the mother’s life is endangered.

(via AFP/BBC/Guardian)

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